Our Investment Philosophy

At Mok Capital Management, we seek to maximize investment returns in the most reliable ways we can, by drawing from decades of experience in the finance industry.

We buy stock in growing businesses and industries at value pricing, taking advantage of volatility in markets and issues. In most cases we also look for the underlying momentum in the issue. We are disciplined investors; thus, we seek to buy low and sell high. Upon our discretion, we exit a stock when it exceeds our perceived value, or when other opportunities offer significantly greater potential. We may, in special circumstances, also purchase issues that are not growing businesses, but which exhibit particularly strong potential for appreciation.

In taxable accounts, where practical, we seek to hold shares so our clients obtain long-term capital gains and minimize tax liability. We attempt to reduce risks by diversifying by issue, geography, sector, and industry, as well as other key characteristics which we feel are important depending on your specific financial needs. We also place particular emphasis on industries, sectors, and countries that we believe have superior return potential. Our offices are based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, and thus we have become adept at discovering new technologies with long-term growth potential.

For larger accounts, we have a plethora of strategies to reduce risk and/or enhance income. For larger and more aggressive accounts, as appropriate, we may act more opportunistically, using short sales and more speculative purchases, in line with a client's desires.

For more balanced or income-oriented accounts, we generally seek to maximize returns by mixing conservative, dividend-bearing stocks, and other issues with opportunity for gains, with more traditional fixed-income investments. We are particularly mindful of the effects of inflation and increases in interest rates on income accounts, and we invest accordingly.

Our Client Commitment

  • We will listen closely to you to understand your goals, objectives and concerns.
  • We will be frank with you at all times.
  • We will treat your money with the same level of care as we treat our own.
  • We will work hard to preserve your capital and maximize your returns.
  • We will provide you with timely reports on our performance.
  • We will confer with you regularly to keep abreast of changes in your life, and the effect of those changes on your finances, goals and objectives.

We think our success is best measured in the high loyalty and retention rates of our clients, and in the referrals and additional funds we receive from our clients. See Client Satisfaction.

Our advisers have decades of experience in the securities industry. Mok Capital Management has been in business for more than ten years. We are particularly proud of the loyalty and devotion of our clients, some of whom came to this firm as clients of its founder up to an additional 20 years prior. Over the preceding five years, our annual client retention has been very strong, exceeding 97%. We now manage investments for up to three generations of client families.