Your Earnings, Our Expertise 

Financial Planning: At Mok Capital, we take our financial planning seriously. Prior to any engagement as a discretionary account manager, we make a comprehensive review of your goals, income, expenses, investments, plans and preparation for retirement, children's education, and other major commitments. We consider taxation and a range of inflation scenarios, in order to provide you with a range of recommendations, and the expected outcome of each choice. These services are free of charge to clients establishing or maintaining discretionary accounts with our firm. We also offer planning services on an hourly basis for other clients, or those with the need for special business advice. As a rule, we try to stay informed on the financial circumstances of all our managed account clients, and where appropriate, provide a range of advice on matters that extend well beyond your investments.

Portfolio Management: Public equities, income producing investments, private equities ("accredited" investors only) and integrated portfolio management. Monthly and quarterly reporting.

Cash Management: Your funds in our managed accounts can be withdrawn at any time. To avoid liquidity issues, we work closely with you to assure that your funds are invested in instruments whose maturity and liquidity match your expected cash requirements.

Investment for Education: In recent years, the federal government, and many states, have enacted laws providing for special tax treatment of funds in certain education savings accounts. These college savings plans allow family and friends to invest income for a child's college education. These accounts accumulate income and gains on a tax deferred basis. Funds can even be withdrawn without payment of taxes, provided that principal and returns are spent on specified college educational purposes. These accounts provide an outstanding way to reduce taxes, and we work with our clients to maximize this benefit, where appropriate.

Tax Savings & Deferral: We offer a range of investment vehicles that provide for tax deferral and savings. For individuals and businesses, these include pension plans and retirement accounts (such as Roth and standard IRAs, and managed 401k plans) as well as tax efficient investment strategies, and tax free bonds. For individuals seeking tax deferral, we also offer fixed and variable annuities.

Business Planning and Transitions: At Mok Capital, we can help with tax and financial tools and planning for business succession, such as the transfer of ownership from current owners to their heirs, or in connection with redeployment of assets upon the sale of a business.

Stock option planning: Employee stock options can, without proper planning, result in very large tax obligations. We can help to minimize the tax bite with strategies that minimize current taxation.

Risk Management & Asset Protection:

  • Risk Planning/Assessment: 
    Financial success brings a special set of financial risks, including "deep-pocket" liability. At Mok Capital, we have a range of strategies for such risks, using a mix of insurance, special asset titling and/or trusts, and special retirement vehicles to protect you and your family from both foreseeable and unforeseen disasters.
  • Insurance - Life, Disability, Long-Term Care and Business Succession: 
    Mok Capital Management's investment advisers include licensed insurance professionals. We offer a mix of insurance products tailored for your particular personal and business risks and tax exposure. These include life and disability insurance, long term care coverage, and a variety of insured investment products which can help to reduce the bite of the taxman, both during your lifetime, and for estate planning purposes. In cases such as property and casualty insurance, where we are not licensed, if desired we will refer you to licensed professionals who can review your risks and recommend appropriate coverage.

Wealth Transfer/Estate & Probate: There are many special tools available to successful people to deploy their assets in pursuit of their dreams. We provide advice and planning to maximize your use of these tools, which may include:

  • Living trusts and other trust instruments to avoid probate and payment of unnecessary gift and estate taxes, to assure the availability of assets for disabled heirs with special needs (special needs trusts), or that special, but less than dependable heir (spendthrift trusts)
  • Fixed and variable annuities to provide a reliable income to your heirs
  • Various tax free or tax deferred investments and tax advantaged trusts
  • Gifts and inter-vivos wealth transfer to help loved ones with those milestone obligations, such as down-payments or educational assistance

Philanthropy: Once you've made enough to satisfy your needs, and those of your loved ones, many of you choose to share your good fortune with various charitable and philanthropic causes. At Mok Capital, we can assist you with the establishment of a Charitable Remainder Trust, which can provide current tax deductions while allowing you to retain the benefits of your assets during your lifetime. We can also assist with the endowment and investment of your foundation funds.